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Empire Cinemas Leicester Square is now operated by Cineworld.

Our Leicester Square cinema has become a Cineworld. If you would like to book tickets for this location please click Cineworld Leicester Square.

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We have a number of alternative Empire Cinema locations around the UK. Find an Empire Cinema HERE.

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Empire Leicester Square IMAX

Sorry, there are no IMAX performances currently available.


  • (IMAX) 3D Pacific Rim: Uprising

    Release Date:23 March 2018
    Directed by:
    Steven S. DeKnight
    John Boyega; Scott Eastwood; Charlie Day

    111 mins, Rating: 12A

  • (IMAX) 3D Ready Player One

    Release Date:30 March 2018 Advance shows from:28 March 2018
    Directed by:
    Steven Spielberg
    Tye Sheridan; Olivia Cooke; Ben Mendelsohn; T.J. Miller; Simon Pegg; Mark Rylance

    140 mins, Rating: 12A

  • (IMAX) 3D Rampage

    Release Date:13 April 2018 Advance shows from:11 April 2018
    Directed by:
    Brad Peyton
    Dwayne Johnson; Naomie Harris; Jeffrey Dean Morgan

    107 mins, Rating: 12A

  • (IMAX) 3D Avengers: Infinity War

    Release Date:27 April 2018 Advance shows from:26 April 2018
    Directed by:
    Anthony Russo; Joe Russo
    Benedict Cumberbatch; Benedict Wong; Benicio Del Toro; Bradley Cooper; Chadwick Boseman; Chris Evans; Chris Hemsworth; Chris Pratt; Dave Bautista; Don Cheadle; Elizabeth Olsen; Gwyneth Paltrow; Jeremy Renner; Karen Gillan; Mark Ruffalo; Paul Bettany; Paul Rudd; Peter Dinklage; Pom Klementieff; Robert Downey Jr.; Scarlett Johansson; Sebastian Stan; Tom Hiddleston; Tom Holland; Vin Diesel; Zoe

    155 mins, Rating: 12A