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Empire Cinemas Limited
Issued March 1st 2006

Revision Date : October 26th 2012.

Please read these General Terms for Online Booking carefully. When you purchase a ticket on this Website the identity of the company from which you purchase will depend on the cinema you have selected. This company will be one of the companies listed below. In these terms and conditions, a reference to “Empire Cinema” is a reference to the company from the list below:

Birmingham Great Park Cinema 2 Ltd.
Bishops Stortford Cinema 2 Ltd.
Catterick Cinema 2 Limited.
Clydebank Cinema 2 Ltd.
High Wycombe Cinema Number 2 Ltd. 
Ipswich Two Cinema 2 Limited.
Newcastle Cinema 2 Ltd.
Slough Cinema 2 Ltd.
Sunderland Cinema 2 Ltd.
Sutton Coldfield Cinema 2 Ltd.
Sutton Cinema 2 Ltd.
Swindon Cinema 2 Ltd.
Walthamstow Cinema 2 Limited.
Wigan Cinema 2 Ltd.

The registered office for the above listed companies is :

PO Box 771
Ground Floor
Colomberie Close
St Helier
Jersey JE4 0RX

Empire Cinemas Limited refers to a separate company (registered office Empire Cinemas Limited, 63-65 Haymarket, London, SW1Y 4RL, registered in England under company number 05585003, VAT number GB 262 5937 82.

‘Empire Cinemas’ has instructed ‘Empire Cinemas Limited’ to act as its agent for the booking and sale of tickets via the internet and telephone. Therefore, whilst you contract with Empire Cinemas for the purchase of a ticket for entry to the cinema, the money which you pay for this ticket will be debited by Empire Cinemas Limited on behalf of Empire Cinemas.

In addition to the price of your tickets, Empire Cinemas Limited will charge you a card handling fee per ticket (up to a maximum of £4.20 per transaction) for the Credit/Debit/Stored Value card handling transaction service which it offers you. This fee only applies to remote bookings and the amount will be as stated at the time of booking.
A maximum of 12 tickets can be purchased at any one time on our Telephone & On-line Booking service.

The current per ticket charge is levied to cover the costs of the following, but not exclusive to;
• Merchant service charges
• IT and Equipment costs
• Fraud detection and prevention measures
• Operational costs charged by Empire Cinemas Ltd.

These charges are highlighted at the very beginning of the booking process, and indeed throughout allowing the customer the opportunity to discontinue with the booking should they so wish.

No cost is incurred for purchasing tickets at the cinema from either the box office or automatic ticket machines.

Empire Cinemas Limited owns and operates this website on behalf of Empire Cinemas, please refer to the terms of use before using this website

Sale of Tickets/Seating
The Booking section of our [FAQ information] contains details of how to place your order, including how to correct input errors during the booking process. Empire Cinemas Ltd acts as Empire Cinema’s agent to provide telephone sales and website support in the relation to the sale of tickets.

The sale of cinema tickets is subject to availability. Your order is an offer to purchase from Empire Cinema and Empire Cinemas Ltd retains the discrecretion to refuse your order on behalf of Empire Cinema. If Empire Cinema Ltd accepts your order on behalf of Empire Cinema a confirmation page will be displayed on your screen at the end of the ordering process, and at this point there will be a contract between you and Empire Cinema. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail of your completed order, for your information. It is recommend that you print out a copy of the confirmation page and/or confirmation e-mail for your records. Seating will be unreserved unless otherwise specified during the booking process.

Ticket Prices
Tickets are sold at the price displayed during the ordering process. All prices and fees include any applicable Value Added Tax.

Card Handling Fee
In addition to the price for your tickets, Empire Cinemas Ltd. will levy a Card Handling Fee in consideration for processing your Credit/Debi/Stored Value card transaction and this will be notified to you during the ordering process.

Payment can be made by any method specified in the order process. Empire Cinemas Ltd. will deduct your payment from your card at the time it processes your Credit/Debit/Stored Value card transaction. For the avoidance of any doubt, where a transaction is not completed for whatever reason, Empire Cinemas Ltd. will not have levied its Card Handling Fee, as your Credit/Debit/Stored Value card transaction will not have been completed.

Confirmation of Booking
On completion of your booking you will see a confirmation page displayed in your browser. You will also receive an email confirmation. It is advised that you print a copy of the confirmation page and/or confirmation email for your records.

Payment can be made by any method specified in the Booking section of the FAQ information webpage. Empire Cinemas Limited will deduct your payment from your card on behalf of Empire Cinemas when your order is processed

You cannot use any promotional vouchers or discount cards in conjunction with a ticket purchase via this website. To do this you will need to visit a cinema in person and purchase tickets directly from Empire Cinemas rather than through Empire Cinemas Limited.

You cannot use guest passes to pay for a ticket purchase via this website. Again, to do this, you will need to visit a cinema in person and purchase tickets directly from Empire Cinemas rather than through Empire Cinemas Limitied.

If you are a student, you can still benefit from the student price, but you must bring your proof of student identity to the cinema when you collect your tickets. Please see the Booking section of our [FAQ information] for details of the type of proof we accept.

This website uses the latest industry standard encryption technology to keep your personal information safe. All ordering information – including your name and credit card details – is encrypted using SSL ("Secure Sockets Layer") to maximise security. Your credit card and billing information cannot be read as it travels to our ticket system. To ensure that your information is even more secure, visitors’ credit card information is stored on a server which is not accessible from the Internet as soon as it is received.
Credit card transactions are handled by a third party financial institution which receives the credit card number and other personal identifying information only to verify the credit card numbers and to process transactions.

Ticket Collection
NUMBER (detailed in the booking process/from their Confirmation Email) TO COLLECT TICKETS.  

Tickets can be collected from the box office in your chosen cinema or from the automatic ticket machines (ATMs). You will need to As noted above, if you are a student, you will need to present your proof of student identity and collect tickets at the box office.

Unless otherwise stated, tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded. All purchases of tickets are subject to our General Terms of Admission to our Privacy Policy and to our Terms of Use, which form part of these Terms for Online Booking. Please read these prior to purchasing a ticket.

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