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Cinema is the best environment in which to showcase your brand with an audience that is in a relaxed and receptive state of mind. There are no distractions and advertising is readily accepted as part of the whole cinema experience. This makes cinema advertising one of the most impactful media channels available and this has been fully validated by the recent Brand Science research which independently verifies we are a class leader in terms of RROI.

On-screen and foyer opportunities –

Pearl & Dean is the UK’s best known cinema advertising contractor. Representing a wide range of cinemas, with its iconic pa-pa, pa-pa, pahhhh…pah sonic which evokes an instant aroma of popcorn and fun.
The team are creative, innovative and fully experienced in delivering a multichannel marketing campaign across all cinemas touch points. This includes online, foyer promotions, on-screen/ auditorium and mobile.
And you don’t have to stop at on-screen advertising...the cinema environment is one of the few places where you can extend your campaign beyond the big screen to interact directly with your target audience. Our Innovations team can create a campaign bespoke to your needs which will find new and creative ways of bringing your brand to our film-loving audiences. We have many different ways of reaching our customers throughout their consumer journey, as they search on-line, come through our foyers and into the auditorium and home again.
Please contact Pearl and Dean.
T: 07876 381 385
E: Advertise With Us
W: business.pearlanddean.com

Ticket Promotions –

Ticket promotions are a fantastic way of rewarding customers, staff or incentivising purchase.
Filmology act as Empire's cinema promotions agency and are able to offer Empire cinema vouchers as well as advice and ideas on all cinema marketing and promotions in Empire Cinemas.
Everyone loves the movies and Filmology has been harnessing the power of cinema and film for over 10 years to create innovative, imaginative and successful employee incentives and sales promotions for brands as diverse as Kraft, Ford, Mars, Samsung, Nokia and Sony to name a few.
Filmology can provide you with a wide variety of options, including cinema vouchers. 
T: 0845 634 1433
E: Info@Filmology.co.uk
W: www.filmology.co.uk

Ticket back advertising –

Cinema ticket advertising offers a unique high impact medium of advertising which has, for many years, helped to increase sales of products and/or services.
It has proved to be an efficient medium for repeatedly putting a solo marketing/awareness message, directly in front of a relevant audience.
The many people who buy these tickets will see your message several times.


T: 0845 222 9000
E: mel@premrolls.co.uk
W: http://www.premierrollssouth.com/cinema-tickets.php