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Our Values

We’re Empire Cinemas, the leading independent cinema chain in the UK.

Since we launched in 2005, we’ve been a leading innovator in the cinema sector. Our innovation, service and expertise are at the heart of what we do.

A Passion for Film

Empire Cinemas understands that today’s film fans want to see films in an environment that makes their movie experience a memorable one for the right reasons and treats them like valued customers. Customers that want to come back and enjoy the Empire experience time and again.

Developing our Seats, Sound and Screens

To help strengthen our leading position, we’re investing in our cinemas with new technology, like our own large screen format IMPACT and the truly immersive IMAX® Experience. It’s going to take time to introduce all the innovations we believe are required to make our customers cinema experiences truly memorable. However, we have already begun building a strong foundation and are committed to continued investment in our seats, sound and screens, as well as our brilliant people, so that all aspects of the Empire Cinemas experience are truly memorable.

Lose Yourself in Film.

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