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Barco flagship laser

The ultimate visual experience

A premium cinema experience requires something new, different, and visibly better. The result of Barco’s extensive research in the field of laser-illuminated projectors is emerging in premium cinemas across the world. The image displayed by Barco’s flagship laser projectors is simply stunning. From now on, you will see things you’ve never seen before when you go to the movies.

See more with Barco flagship laser

Barco’s flagship laser projectors provide the building blocks of premium image quality and a truly superior cinema experience.

You will see more:

• Blacks – from a pitch-black sky in outer space to various shades of darks at night, you will spot even the smallest difference.
• Whites – did you know that there are thousands of different whites? You will see them all on the cinema screen.
• Colors – you can now perceive the same lively colors you would see when strolling along Miami shore, standing on the Red Square or hiking in the Swiss Alps on a sunny day.
• Contrast – the smallest spark in the darkest room will not be left unnoticed.

Bigger, better, brighter – premium 3D

One of the most important capabilities of laser illumination is the ability to project bigger, better and brighter 3D images. Doubling the projector’s light output, Barco’s state-of-the-art laser illumination technology creates an unparalleled 3D experience – showing 3D movies just the way they were imagined by the moviemaker.

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For the moviegoer, Barco’s Laser Phosphor projectors provide superior and constant image quality.