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D-Box offers seats with motion; your cinema chair is synchronised to the film and mimics movements and vibrations on screen - immersive cinema at its very best.

D-Box seats can vibrate, pitch back and forth, roll from side to side and heave up and down. So, if on screen a car is accelerating, your seat will move forwards; the motion is part of the script. You can alter the intensity of movement through controls in the chair, or even turn it off altogether at any point during the film.

What is D-BOX?

D-BOX is the world leader in immersive seating created specifically for movie theatres.
Its unique technology uses extraordinary precision, hyper-realistic vibrations and individual intensity controls to deliver a highly personalized experience. D-BOX uses motion effects specifically programmed for each visual content which are sent to a motion system integrated into a seat.

The resulting motion is perfectly synchronized with the on-screen action, thus creating an unparalleled realistic immersive experience.

Unique motion code.
Total control.
The ultimate immersive movie-watching experience.
Uses 3 types of intelligent movement (subtle pitch, roll and heave).
Harmonized with the audio and video.
A great and exciting upgrade.

How Does It Work?

Each D-Box chair contains a set of actuators (motors that control the vibrations, pitch, roll and heave of the seat) which are connected to a motion controlling device. This is synchronised with the action of the film, like a motion script.

In fact, D-Box Motion Code actually creates a new dimension of script alongside the visuals and audio of the film and each movement is carefully developed in order to enhance the experience where justified. It doesn’t move all the time, only at key moments in the film.


The D-BOX Motion System may be harmful to women who are pregnant, persons with heart conditions, the elderly, and persons with back, head or neck conditions or injuries or those with other pre-existing medical conditions. All such persons should consult their physicians before using the D-BOX Motion System.
Use of the D-BOX Motion System is not recommended for children under the age of ten years old without parental supervision.
Use of hot liquids in the vicinity of the D-BOX Motion System must be avoided at all
times to prevent spillage which could cause serious injuries to the user.
D-BOX Technologies Inc. nor Empire Cinemas are in no way responsible for any damages of any kind arising from the use of the D-BOX Motion System and users of the D-BOX Motion System hereby agree not to hold D-BOX Technologies Inc.
or Empire Cinemas responsible for any and all damages of any kind arising from use of the D-BOX Motion System including, but not limited to direct or indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of or in any way connected with the use of the D-BOX Motion System.

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