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Film picture: Sleeping Princess (Prensesin Uykusu) - WORLD PREMIERE

Sleeping Princess (Prensesin Uykusu) - WORLD PREMIERE (subtitled)

106 mins (excl Trailers, Advertisements)

Directed by:
?a?an Irmak
?a?lar ?orumlu; Sevin? Erbulak; Genco Erkal; Alican Y?cesoy
Other Independents
Release Date:

BBFC Consumer Advice:Contains images of moderate violence and one use of strong language.


The London Turkish Film Festival 4-18 November 2010 WORLD PREMIERE ?a?an Irmak's delightful new film is a fairy tale for the waking hour. Aziz works as a clerk in a library and lives in his own quiet and peaceful little world. Then one day he discovers that he has new neighbours: Se?il, the owner of the new opened local beauty shop and her 10 year-old daughter Gizem. Life for Aziz becomes much brighter and livelier but then something unexpected happens and darkness descends once again. A whole new set of events is set in motion as a bunch of memorable characters join together to try to change the course of fate. From the Diary of Aziz: There are those who say that fate cannot be changed, for if it could, it would not be fate. So be it. How hopeless we would feel if we had to live in a world where nothing could change. Don?t you think so? It might just be that there will come a day when you will realize that something bad that happened to you happened for a reason and caused something better to come about. You never know.