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Film picture: The Insatiable Moon

The Insatiable Moon

101 mins (excl Trailers, Advertisements)

Directed by:
Rosemary Riddell
Rawiri Paratene; Sara Wiseman; Ian Mune; Greg Johnson
Blue Dolphin
Release Date:
New Zealand

BBFC Consumer Advice:Contains strong language.

The Insatiable Moon is a real crowd-pleaser! This gem of a movie tackles mental illness and homelessness with heart and compassion. Set in Auckland, New Zealand, the film follows Arthur (Rawiri Paratene, star of Whale Rider), a Maori psychiatric patient who claims to be the second son of God, as he tries to prevent the closure of a boarding house for the mentally ill and homeless. He brings wonder and hope to his enchanted urban life, shadowed by his devoted band of boarding house friends.

The performances are superb, especially from Paratene and Kiwi acting legend Ian Mune, and the sensitive subject matter is portrayed with just the right amount of humour.

Empire magazine had this to say about the film, ‘There’s a remarkable sense of place and emotional power, in a moving, original movie that deserves to be seen’, and Total Film said, ‘Whale Rider’s excellent Rawiri Paratene bolsters this kiwi slice of magic realism’, and Fortean Times described the movie as encompassing ‘a wide emotional range, taking in Ealing-esque comedy, social comment, and spiritual speculation, and is funny, heart-warming and tear-jerking in turns’.